Renewed Land Cruiser Prado is cool from the old school

In addition to a new Land Cruiser Prado, there is also a real special edition! Toyota Land Cruiser is a real icon. It’s Toyota’s showcase. Because with such a Land Cruiser you can go anywhere. They are very skilled in the terrain and basically do not break. Now there are many flavors when it comes to Land Cruiser. The original 70’s are still being built and sold in markets where the roads are rough. The huge “200” is still there and will soon be replaced by “300”. Then there is “Prado” or “150”. This SUV is still a real SUV: so with a ladder chassis and transfer case. The Land Cruiser Prado is not the most refined car in its class on the tarmac, but invincible terrain. And let’s be honest: why would you have a car with an off-road vehicle without being able to drive it on a dirt road? You would not buy a diving watch that does not withstand water, right? There’s a new Land Cruiser Prado. The details are very subtle. Think about some subcutaneous changes and other options when it comes to colors and wheels. More of a model year update than a real facelift. Toyota is taking advantage of the moment to launch a real special edition. In this case, it is the Land Cruiser Prado 70th anniversary. As the name suggests, this Land Cruiser celebrates its 70th anniversary. You recognize the Land Cruiser Prado’s 70th anniversary of the dark green carpet color, although white is also possible. There are also new 18-inch rims. In the interior we see brown leather seats and finishes on the doors and dashboard. In addition, you get the mandatory marks on the outside and the special floor mats with logos on the inside. You can choose between two motors. A 2.7 16v four-cylinder (2TR-FE engine) with 163 hp or a 2.8 four-cylinder D4-D turbodiesel (1LGD-FTV) with 201 hp. The car is only available on the domestic market (Japan). It is not known if the renewed Toyota Land Cruiser will also come to the Netherlands.

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