Mercedes EQS flies over Stuttgart

Mercedes gives an EQS to the winner of the MercedesCup, who only has to accept that it has been flying for a while Mercedes has mastered marketing well. For example, there is a tennis tournament to which Mercedes has attached its name. The 42nd edition of the MercedesCup will soon take place in Stuttgart and a number of talented tennis players will compete with each other. Of course, you always fight to win, but this time, Mercedes makes the win even more attractive to tennis players. The winner of the MercedesCup gets a real Mercedes EQS. The electric limousine should make a difference for the Mercedes of the future and a little marketing is good. Offering EQS as the main prize is a good example of this. However, it can get even crazier. The Mercedes EQS that can be won in the MercedesCup is first shown to the potential winners and the public in a lucrative way. A copy of the limo flies across the field before playing tennis. Anyway, a fun spectacle to watch. We can also enjoy it with the attached photos, where the Mercedes EQS floats above its hometown of Stuttgart. Let’s hope that then is not afraid of heights. Whether the white Mercedes EQS is also the winning copy of the MercedesCup is unknown. Not many people can say that their car has flown, so that would be a cool addition. In any case, a similar car is the prize for winning the 42nd MercedesCup. From June 8 to 13, you can see who can put the car in his garage.

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