Lammertink Vintage is the Dutch singer

For a Porsche 911 resto mode, you can turn to the Singer, but there is now also an option “Oet Twente”. The idea of ​​a 911 resto mode is not new. We have actually seen it happen quite often. But apparently there is enough demand for it. Now there is a new player in this niche market. This one is not from California but from a less exotic place: Overijssel. The man behind this Dutch 911 restomod is Edwin Lammertink. This project may be new, but Lammertink is not a newcomer. His company has been repairing and renovating old and new Porsches for many years. Edwin Lammertink now thinks it’s time for the next step: build remodeling. He does this under the name Lammertink Vintage. He uses the same basis as the Singer: a Porsche 964. If it has not yet been converted by another toko. Before it’s a Lammertink Vintage, a 964 is thoroughly revised. “Every detail you touch has been treated,” Edwin Lammertink told the National Auto Show. The engine has also changed radically. The cylinder volume, which by default did not exceed 3.6 liters, is increased to 4.0 liters. Unfortunately, Edwin does not yet say what specifications this produces. We have pictures of Lammertink Vintage Porsche. In any case, they look very nice. In Overijssel, they clearly worked with a lot of craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Edwin Lammertink even dares to say that the quality is not inferior to Singer. Of course, the cars can also be put together completely to your own taste. While Singer gives each car the name of a city, each Lammertink Vintage gets the name of a circuit. Of course, all this comes at a price. Edwin gives a small indication to Wouter and Meindert. Prices start somewhere at $ 333,000. Then you have a copy with a standard engine and a standard gearbox, but you can make it much more expensive. A Lammertink Vintage will still be much cheaper than a singer. After all, they are just dying, Lammertink is also working on another special project. He is experimenting with hydrogen. No, there will not be a 911 with a fuel cell, but Lammertink wants to apply direct hydrogen injection to the air-cooled engine. Sounds interesting. The entire conversation with Edwin Lammertink can be heard in the final episode of the National Auto Show. Joyce Donat and Martijn Duivenbode were also guests to talk about the problem of ex-VAT.

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