Convertible with V8 that is not SL: Autoblog advice!

We’re looking for a Cabriolet with a V8, but it may not be an SL. What do you come up with then? Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. Jaap’s ultimate dream (no, not our @jaapiyo) was always a Porsche 911. He worked hard for several years and eventually bought a Porsche 912 Targa in 1968. That was 35 years ago. At that time, it was not special Porsches. In fact, even the 924/944 was ranked higher than the ancient porcelain by motor car. But times have changed a lot. At the time, Jaap really wanted a Coupé, but he came across a Targa. In the end, he really liked it. All normal rides just got more fun this way. Like being on vacation. Jaap lives in the back corner, so he does not have much trouble with traffic jams. Now that Jaap can take it easy and no longer have to work so much (and hard), he can finally enjoy the car more. But he sold 912. A German offered Jaap a multiple of what he had paid for it, but yes, now Jaap needs something else. Unfortunately, he can not break the whole budget for a new car, because half of it is invested in a renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. Jaap is now looking for a nice convertible (Targa is also allowed). He has a wish and it’s a V8. Only while you still can. It is also one of those motorcycles that is always fun to ride, not just when you are driving full throttle. In short, if we can help Jaap with a useful convertible with V8, possibly with Collectable status in the future. But of course! € 21,950 (private) 2006 150,000 km Well, if it’s not an SLK or SL, Mercedes fortunately has more convertibles with the V8. In the budget you can choose between a late CLK500 or earlier CLK55 AMG. Strangely enough, the CLK 500 (388 hp) is stronger than the AMG (367 hp). AMG is also slightly wrong than the regular CLK. And yet, we recommend that you watch AMG. It is a fantastic all-round, while the CLK500 is a CLK with rocket propulsion. At AMG, brakes, chassis, seats and the like have been adjusted. At the time, AMG was still quite subtle in terms of experience, design and driving characteristics. They are fantastic cars for relaxed mileage at high speeds. 17,945,200,000 755,000 km Yes, see: we usually say that this legendary Ford lacks “refinement”. It seems (and is) very subjective. But compared to a 912 from the 60’s it is not so bad. No joke, the level of refinement corresponds to a car from the 80’s. Everything is cheap, everything has been cut down. Logically, for the Mustang is also a very cheap car. But! If this is not your first car, it’s definitely worth a look. It may very well be the “standard Cabriolet with V8”. First, the styling: a Mustang makes everyone happy. The car is retro without being kitsch. The engine is the fantastic Modular V8 which sounds good and delivers lots of torque early, but also packs a punch at the top. With the Ford Performance exhaust, few cars sound better and with an open roof you can enjoy it better. That’s why the Mustang might be better than the convertible. It is not a sporty cornering rider, but a kind of speedboat with four wheels. € 22.000200885.000 km Is the 6 Series E64 a good or bad car? He’s both. Do not forget that the E24 6 series in the 90’s was a hard to miss car, only suitable for night powder dealers. It’s a bit of a difficult car, because it’s probably never going to be a classic. BMW is simply not good in this market segment and it is difficult to distinguish and this 650i is no different.

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