Spain lowers speed limit in built-up areas to 30

So be careful when you go to Spain on holiday, the speed limit in built-up areas has really been lowered to 30. For car enthusiasts in Spain, it has been painful since yesterday. They have lowered the speed limit in built-up areas across the country. If you had 50 last week, the speed has now ...

Passat R36 with 627 hp and 841 Nm costs a bit

All value for money, but this Passat R36 with 627 hp is almost cheap! Not so long ago, we shone a light on this hot Volkswagen Golf R32 occasion. Great fun of course, but according to some it was very wrong with the price. People think that 65 grand is simply too much for a golf. That it is an ...

This British Ferrari is brand new (and amazing)

Even in a modernized form, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB is a feast for the eyes. Ferrari is a magical name for all car enthusiasts. Nevertheless, preferences can vary considerably. One swears by the classic Ferrari from the 60s, while the other is particularly enthusiastic about a modern Ferrari. ...

Volkswagen Golf 8 R Variant hits the “ring [video]

The Volkswagen Golf 8 R Variant can already be seen from all angles, while the new power plant makes its test laps over the Nürburgring. Volkswagen likes to release variants of the Golf. Volkswagen Golf R Variant for example. Which is the combi version of the fast version of Golf. Or the ...

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