GP Azerbaijan 2021: times and what you need to know

All ins and outs, forecasts and times for GP Azerbaijan 2021. After Monaco's street circuit we move on to the next street circuit. This time it is the Azerbaijan GP in Baku. You know, Baku, where cult hero Melvin Platje also played for a while in the first of Neftçi Baku in Azerbaijan's Premier ...

Loki Basecamp for Tesla Cybertruck costs 135K

va? The price for a Loki Basecamp Falcon series is more than the car itself ... The whole corona thing must have triggered something in the motorhome market. In recent times, the most wonderful creations have appeared. In particular, motorhomes for electric pickups. For example, there was the ...

Price M4 Cabrio xDrive Competition with 510 hp known

The price of the BMW M4 Cabriolet Competition xDrive is known. This is not nice. But then you get almost everything that is possible. In our village there is a pizzeria that has been there for several years. Such a family business has been active since the 1970s. The most expensive pizza is ...

Fun package makes Fiesta and Puma ST even more fun

The Mountunes Ford ST family is complete with the addition of the Puma ST, but the Fiesta ST is now also much more fun. If there's one thing you can trust Ford with, it turns motorhomes and kitchen cars into wonderful sports cars. Although we should probably say goodbye to the Focus RS, the ...

The BMW M4 GT3 finally shows its face

BMW draws the curtain on the new M4 in GT3 outfit. After the M6 ​​GT3 comes ... well, what comes next? M6 has disappeared and has actually succeeded by M8. Still, there will be no M8 GT3 now. BMW chooses a smaller size in the GT3 class: M4 GT3. Although the size smaller is not really true. ...

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