Max Verstappen is the fastest in Azerbaijan

Ferrari does not seem like a single hit, but this time Max Verstappen wins in Azerbaijan. The previous Grand Prix weekend in Monaco surprised Charles Leclerc by taking pole position with his Ferrari. Unfortunately, the damage to his car after a crash was too great to actually start from P1. The ...

The Dutch want a higher speed limit

100 km / h? In the case of the Dutch, the maximum speed may be a little higher. For more than a year, we have been expected to drive at a maximum speed of 100 km / h on Dutch motorways during the day. During the good days, you could bark up to 130 km / h. Whether it will ever come back remains ...

The perfect music for the car

Where do you like to go? Singer and songwriter Tim Knol has come up with "the" perfect music for the car. In 2013 we had the beautiful Koningslied. In 2021 we will have the car song. Yes, singer and songwriter Tim Knol has started writing the perfect car song. The song has Wandering Heart and ...

This is new with the updated Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato has received a makeover and all this differs from the new commercial vehicle. Did you know that the Fiat Ducato has been around since 1981? And that the eighth series is now a fact? Yes, the Fiat Ducato is new again. At least the existing model has been updated on some points. In ...

Zandvoort is banned for non-vaccinated F1 staff

The government will reportedly set strict requirements for the Formula 1 team that travels to our country for the GP in Zandvoort. Exactly three months left. Then the Formula 1 cars will finally run on Dutch soil. We had to be patient for a while, but the positive side of the story is: the ...

My car starts again, sign up now!

Finally, we can start with My Car recordings again. The series where we will drive a little in your car. Registration for my car video has never stopped and is still possible, unfortunately for obvious reasons we have not managed to make any recordings for a long time. And you have not seen My ...

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