Convertible with V8 that is not SL: Autoblog advice!

We're looking for a Cabriolet with a V8, but it may not be an SL. What do you come up with then? Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. Jaap's ultimate dream (no, not our @jaapiyo) was always a Porsche 911. He worked hard for several years and eventually bought a Porsche 912 Targa in ...

The Mercedes G63 AMG occasion has a crazy color

Mercedes itself thinks so of this G63 AMG edition which is for sale as an opportunity. Three times is a charm. So if I present a nice green opportunity twice already, these conditions must be met for the third and final time. Since the previous copies are for a BMW and an Audi, it became a ...

Bugatti finally made a black car

It seems simple, but it took the Bugatti two years to make this black car. Two years ago, Bugatti completely blew us away with Bugatti La Voiture Noire. This black car stole the show at the Geneva Motor Show at the time. For readers whose long-term memory does not go back more than a year, it ...

Mercedes EQS flies over Stuttgart

Mercedes gives an EQS to the winner of the MercedesCup, who only has to accept that it has been flying for a while Mercedes has mastered marketing well. For example, there is a tennis tournament to which Mercedes has attached its name. The 42nd edition of the MercedesCup will soon take place in ...

2021 Formula 1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Do Mercedes have sandbags again? Or will VER take Poland in the qualifiers for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix? Ah, Azerbaijan Grand Prix, nice. Somehow it just makes sense, F1 in this country running on oil and gas. It is almost a kind of nostalgia captured in modern times. In addition, the circuit ...

Lammertink Vintage is the Dutch singer

For a Porsche 911 resto mode, you can turn to the Singer, but there is now also an option "Oet Twente". The idea of ​​a 911 resto mode is not new. We have actually seen it happen quite often. But apparently there is enough demand for it. Now there is a new player in this niche market. This one ...

So immortal is the Renault Clio II

Part 2 of an unspecified series of "cars that will not die." Today again about a car that you also see more than average: Renault Clio II. A while ago we went through the Peugeot 206 with you. Why? Because it's an incredibly popular car, without you probably noticing it. In the Netherlands you ...

Autoblog garage: 5,000 km Audi S3 update

So the first 5,000 kilometers with the Audi S3 from Autoblog Garage are over. Time to take stock. Last Christmas I found the keys to a white Audi S3 under the Christmas tree. We are now a few months longer and I have driven 5,000 kilometers with the hot hatch. Time for a new car! No, just ...

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