Bugatti finally made a black car

It seems simple, but it took the Bugatti two years to make this black car. Two years ago, Bugatti completely blew us away with Bugatti La Voiture Noire. This black car stole the show at the Geneva Motor Show at the time. For readers whose long-term memory does not go back more than a year, it was a kind of space where car brands presented their latest products and ideas to journalists and enthusiasts. In these times of environmental problems and cost savings, Voiture Noire was a breath of fresh air. With its thick sixteen-cylinder and voluptuous body, it was a kind of ode to the old style car. Literally because the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic served as inspiration. This blepper with its distinctive dorsal fin and exposed pop rivets briefly held the record for the world’s most expensive car after a resounding auction result. It was the brainchild of Jean Bugatti, son of Ettore Bugatti. You will no doubt know it from the cult classic Overdrive or as Truffade Z-Type from GTA V. Anyway, a copy of La Voiture Noire would be built. The device had already been sold to a mysterious customer for a sum of eight digits. Rumor has it that Ronaldo or maybe PiĆ«ch may be the buyer, but we still do not know. But we can find out soon. Two years after the unveiling, La Voiture Noire is ready to be delivered to its very rich new owner. It is not surprising that it took so long. The black car is not just a Chiron with a different body. For example, the wheelbase is not less than twenty-five centimeters longer. The headlights also do not match those of an existing model from the stables, which takes a notorious amount of work with type approvals and the like. Despite the fact that La Voiture Noire is a “one-off”, the car has undergone thorough testing. Wind tunnels, test benches, you know that. In total, technicians put in another 65,000 hours to do it. In that sense, La Voiture Noire is actually the find of the century. Especially if you compare it to the tail of the Rolls-Royce boat which has since taken over from Bug as the most expensive new car ever …

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