British EV builders get money impulses from famous football players

British Lunaz combines EV with classic cars, which football player David Beckham saw potential in. Getting everything to electricity will be a big switch. One way to make the switch a little more familiar is to convert classics. In theory, the best of both worlds: the beautiful old-fashioned design of the past, with the drive of the future. One company involved in this is British Lunaz. They already have a nice portfolio of old-fashioned Brits that have been converted into electricity. A number of iconic British cars were equipped with electric motors, batteries and a plug. The Jaguar XK120 above is an example, but also a classic Bentley, Rolls-Royce and an original Range Rover can now roll off the production line completely electrically. Lunaz is already making good progress, but gets help from David Beckham to become even better at being able to beat. The successful football player has a fine capital and is very much looking forward to Lunaz being able to spread his wings. David Beckham made a deal to own 10 percent of Lunaz’s shares. A boost that the company can really use. The football player thinks that the investment is well worth it. From a response from Beckham: Lunaz is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčentrepreneur David Lorenz and former F1 technical manager Jon Hilton. The company is based in Silverstone, close to the track. Expertise is available and money will now be more than enough due to David Beckham’s money injection into Lunaz. Which British classic should be the next project?

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