Autoblog garage: 5,000 km Audi S3 update

So the first 5,000 kilometers with the Audi S3 from Autoblog Garage are over. Time to take stock. Last Christmas I found the keys to a white Audi S3 under the Christmas tree. We are now a few months longer and I have driven 5,000 kilometers with the hot hatch. Time for a new car! No, just kidding. In this update, I take you to the consumption, the experience with this car and some advantages and disadvantages that I have discovered. By far most of the years in my car life I have spent in a BMW. That’s why I got the predicate BMW fanb0y completely involuntarily. Yes, I think it’s a car brand that makes great driver cars, but driving the same brand all the time is a bit boring. In addition, I have really had all kinds of brands. Peugeot, Citroen, Mazda. One adventure longer than the other. Now I have owned an Audi for almost six months. As you can see from the mileage, I drive about 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers on an annual basis. Trips across the border have not yet been made for a known reason. As a result, the mileage does not really increase. The Audi S3 (8V) is a very good daily. I am very pleased with that aspect. Especially after what the crazy researchers at JD Engineering have done with the car. These extra horsepower and torque are just really nice to have. With the 300 hp standard, it’s not bad. Still, it did not turn out the way you want it to. A six-cylinder engine with the same power feels a little “more powerful” to drive. Fortunately, the setting has completely solved that. In addition to setting the engine, the switching torque of the S-tronic has also been adjusted. As I mentioned in the previous article, the engine shifts up a little later, around 2100 rpm. The atmosphere is now several thousand kilometers ago and I can give a little more explanation from practical experience. I’m still very happy with it, but sometimes it means a little work. With a sharp overtaking on the motorway, the window is sometimes of the opinion that two gears should be downshifted. From 6 to 5 or sometimes even 4. No, you do not have to. Because with more than 500 Nm of torque, the S3 is incredibly fast in the intermediate sprint, even in the sixth resistance. If I have a really long drive in front of me on the highway, I put the gearbox in manual. If a overtaking is required, the car stops for six and everything goes smoothly. Audi is not exactly known for its incredibly sharp steering behavior. S3 is no exception. I had to get used to the checks on this car for a long time. And then I talk about the sportier rides. You need to find out how this Audi communicates with you. In my opinion, for example, a Porsche 991 with electronic power steering steers quite communicatively. With the S3, it’s much smaller. Fortunately, it’s a little better in dynamic mode. The car then sends a little heavier without it becoming annoying. Yes, BMW M, I’m looking at you. As soon as the world is a little better, I want to expose the S3 to a round Nordschleife. Not only because it’s fun, but also to increase my relationship with driving this car. It’s a kind of on / off feeling as it is now. I have a hard time deciding where the grip limit is. This is also my first four-wheel drive car. I have most experience of a rear-wheel drive car, where you usually feel very good when oversteer starts to become a thing. Safety systems in modern cars are a curse and a blessing. When they prevent a collision, you are very happy with it. But unnecessary intervention of such a system can really scare you. My S3 is equipped with Audi Pre sense. This technology can avoid frontal collisions or minimize their consequences. Good to understand, but the technology is not quite perfect. I was driving on the highway. From midfield to left field. However, Pre sense believed that a collision would happen soon. The car suddenly braked and I pushed into the seat belt. It was even more annoying for the car behind me. Of course, the driver wondered if I suddenly slammed on the brake in the middle of the highway. Yes, I did not, but the car itself. Everything went well. You can understand that I was not so charmed by the intervention of this system. The Dutch are a people who look at the money, so of course I keep track of what this car consumes and what it costs for science. I have to admit that I have not done a single tank of my best to drive very economically with this S3. It is simply too addictive to step on the gas at least a few times per tank. With these more comfortable temperatures, the electrically operated roof can be opened and you can hear the turbo even better. It’s still a good sound! Via my Audi app, I keep track of when I fill up and at which mileage. The Audi S3 has a tank capacity of 55 liters. I do on average more than 500 kilometers with a full tank. Again, I’m sure it can get better. Consumption is on average about 1 in 10. I think for 387 hp it’s nice. In my opinion, the car is not much less economical than before tuning and the 2.0 TFSI still delivered 300 hp. The Audi S3 from Autoblog Garage is incredibly comfortable. It has advantages and disadvantages. In daily traffic, when you are barely using the power, it is a normal A3. Everything is very simple. Bumps and bumps on the road feel very minimal. But if you scrub, you sometimes miss the raw edge. A bump on the motorway at a slightly higher speed than allowed on Dutch roads can already start you from your seat. In any case, there is not much support in the seats if you go a little harder through the turn. By the way, these are things I discovered when my girlfriend was on a business trip abroad and I drove for a long time myself. Then you drive something else. It’s crazy. Still, I’m happy with how Audi has tuned the S3. After all, 80 percent of the miles are “normal” and you take advantage of the gentle approach. I can still remember our endurance tests for the Renault M├ęgane RS Trophy. If you were on your way there early in the morning, you would no longer need coffee when you arrived at your destination. The undercarriage shook you awake.

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